L&I Claims for People Working on Computers: Can We Prevent Them?

When we think of jobs that lead to a workers’ compensation claim in Washington State, we usually think about heavy physically demanding jobs. For example, construction work, truck driving, and so on. However, I see many L&I claim occurrences that relate to more sedentary work environments. People that work on their computer workstation most of the workday face several potential hazards.

Workers’ comp claim when working on computers

For instance, people that work on computers for long may develop muscle and joint problems and vision problems. Other cases I see include repetitive stress injuries, headaches, and sleep problems. Furthermore, every once in a while we encounter hearing loss from headphone use, and the risk of developing blood clots.

These days, more and more people that work on computers are working from home. Unfortunately, many employees are working long hours in makeshift workstations in uncomfortable and unsafe postures. However, there are some good news. In fact, you can reduce the likelihood of developing the conditions above (and others) by setting yourself up with a safe and comfortable workstation.

L&I helping computer workers prevent work injury

The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) in Washington State has resources to help people working on computers stay healthy. The guidelines and resources can help prevent work injury. Whether you are working from home or in the office, L&I offers self-help tools to create safe workstations. Moreover, if tools are not enough, L&I offers consultation services that can help. You can schedule consultation by emailing Ergonomics@lni.wa.gov or calling (360) 902–5450.

Employers don’t necessarily have the training of expertise to ensure appropriate set up for employee’s computer workstations. To complicate matters, proper workstation ergonomic layout can vary and depend on the individual worker. Therefore, why not take advantage of L&I’s expertise and get help setting up ergonomic workstations? After all, having a comfortable and healthy workstation benefits both workers and employers. Also, it can certainly reduce the likelihood of work injury or industrial disease LNI claim, or other work-related problems.

This article was first published on: https://tarareck.com/l-and-i-claim-computer-worker/

Ms. Tara Reck is the managing L&I attorney at Reck Law — Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Washington State. If you would like more information, please contact Ms. Reck through the following:

* Seattle | Bellevue | Mercer Island office: (206) 395–6141

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* Email: office@recklaw.com

* Her Workers’ Compensation blog at https://tarareck.com/contact/ or her company website at https://recklaw.com/contact/




Tara Reck is the Managing Attorney at Reck Law, PLLC and has been representing injured workers in Washington State since 2006 with emphasis on trial advocacy.

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Tara Reck, Workers Comp Attorney, Washington State

Tara Reck, Workers Comp Attorney, Washington State

Tara Reck is the Managing Attorney at Reck Law, PLLC and has been representing injured workers in Washington State since 2006 with emphasis on trial advocacy.

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